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Volunteer Thanks (compensation)

Dress Rehearsal ticket policy

We at the Opera are eternally grateful to all the hard work, dedication, time and great spirits of our volunteers.  We couldn’t do all the things we do with out you!  Thank you from our management, our Board of Directors and all of our staff, you make our jobs easier and more fun.

One of the ways we say Thank you to you is by offering you the opportunity to attend our Dress Rehearsals for our 3 mainstage productions.  There is only one dress rehearsal per performance, so only 3 dress rehearsals for the entire season.

The dress takes place at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on the Thursday before opening night.  The singers are all in full costume, the sets are all up and the entire CPO is present, playing the accompanying music.  The director and stage management are also present on the main floor, directing and giving instructions at this last full rehearsal.  This means that sometimes the singers are stopped and asked to repeat or change something.  This is the beauty and behind-the-scenes peak that you get when you come to the dress.

The compensation for hours volunteered is as follows:

4-8 hours of volunteering in the same season = 2 tickets to any dress rehearsal of the season

8-12 hrs = 2 tickets to any 2 dress rehearsals of the season

12+ hrs = 2 tickets to all 3 dress rehearsals of the season

Once you have completed the indicated number of hours, you will receive a link to claim your dress rehearsal tickets.

We hope that you enjoy this opportunity as the Dress Rehearsals are NOT open to the general public.  They are only for students and volunteers so it really is a special treat to attend.

Thank you again from all of us at the Opera, we hope you will consider spending your time with us soon.