Mar 12

New Volunteer Website!

Welcome to the brand new Volunteer Webpage for Calgary Opera!

Here you will find updates on Calgary Opera volunteer opportunities, current news about Calgary Opera, and more information to help with your volunteer duties. Click on this post for more information on how to use the website.

Please read below for some notes about the site:

To sign up for shifts you have the following options:

a) JUST SIGN UP – No “sign-in to your account” is required to sign up for a shift! Just click on an opportunity on the top menu, view the shifts, and click sign-up on the shift you’d like. Enter some quick info and you’re done!

b) CREATE A VOLUNTEER PROFILE (optional) – Though it is not required that you create a volunteer profile, it is highly recommended. You can do this through the sign-up section on the right, green menu. This way, you can sign-up for shifts, see all your upcoming jobs, and keep everything organized in one spot. When you create a profile, please use the same email address if you have already signed up for a shift without logging in.

*COOL NOTE: If you sign up for a shift WITHOUT logging in first (option a)), when you create an account at a later time, that same shift will still show up in your account when you log-in – as long as you use the same email address. Pretty neat!

c) EMAIL TARYN – If you don’t want to attempt an online sign-up (I know – technology is daunting sometimes!) you can click on an opportunity on the top menu, view the shifts that are not filled, decide which one you’d like to sign up for and email your request for that shift to volunteer@calgaryopera.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have signed in, you can click on the right hand link saying “See your shifts” to view all your upcoming jobs.

As usual – any questions or concerns – please call or email me (Taryn) at 403-802-3415 or volunteer@calgaryopera.com